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pet microchip

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Global Micro Animal Registry
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Microchipping allows your dog or cat to have a unique and permanent identification, which is stored on an Australian-wide database (we register our microchipped patients with The Australasian Animal Records (AAR)

The microchip is very small (just slightly bigger than the size of a rice grain) and is implanted under the skin (usually between the shoulders). It utilises passive radio frequency identification technology (RFID) and functions similarly to a barcode. The RFID signal responds to a scanner and contains a permanent identifying PIN number unique to your dog or cat. It does not requires batteries and does not harm your pet in any way.

Almost every veterinary clinic/hospital, council ranger and animal shelters in Perth possess a microchip scanner that allows the user to identify any stray/lost dog or cat with his or her unique PIN number. Once a PIN number has been found, CAR (the national database) is called, and the CAR operator is able to retrieve the owner's contact details. The owner is then contacted by CAR and informed of the location of the lost pet.

If you are unsure of which register your pet is registered with, type your pets microchip number into This Website will let you know how to update your details with the relevant microchipping company. 

Pet Address
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