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Our Products

Delicate Care is proudly Australian made and owned. It is a super premium pet food range that has been especially formulated for cats at dogs. The range include puppy, adult and weight management foods as well as a skin & stomach, dental and mobility range.

Cherish Pet Food nourishes the mind, body and spirit. It's made with good quality Australian ingredients, made and packaged in Australia.
It is packed full of superfoods and ancient grains to help with the development of puppies and kittens all the way through to their senior years.

Hills Prescription and Vet Essentials ranges are stocked by Malibu Veterinary Hospital. We are constantly restocking our shelves, if there is a certain pet food that the vet recommends or that you would like to try please let us know and we can order it in for you.

Malibu Veterinary Hospital has a wide range of Hills Pet Foods
Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a a global leader in pet food nutrition. We stock a variety of different pet foods from the Royal Canin range. 

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