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  • Kirsty Powell

Keeping Your Cat Entertained

When cats are bored, they can become disruptive or even worse destructive.

Cats love brain-stimulating activities; they love to discover new places and objects, unobstructed views to windows and destroying your furniture. The trick is to try and keep them busy and entertained whilst you’re out. The last thing we need is for them to scratch up your furniture!

So here are some ways that you can keep them entertained whilst you’re out for the day.

  • Letting them hunt.

It is a natural instinct for a cat to hunt, so by providing toys or treats this can keep them occupied.

You can get food dispensing machines that will allow them to only get their food at certain times, they get excited when they hear their food coming. Food dispensing toys and puzzles that make them have to play with it before they get their treat.

  • Letting them explore.

You can purchase or make what is called a Kitty Condo/Cat Tree, if you place this in an optimal place (i.e. near a window, or where they can watch the world go by) this can keep them entertained for hours. You can also build or purchase Cat Runs. This is added onto the side of your home and allows them to explore the outside world and scents whilst being restricted to where they can go.

  • Visual entertainment.

Believe it or not some cats love watching TV. You can actually purchase DVD’s with close-ups of different animals which helps keep them entertained. You can also put on channels like animal planet etc. Cats also love watching aquariums. This provides endless hours of entertainment for the cats (just make sure the lid is secure).

  • Human interaction.

One of the best ways is human interaction. You can purchase or make heaps of toys to play with. There are catnip toys, remote controlled toys, puzzle toys, feather toys and many more. You just have to find what best works for your cat. Also remember try not to have too many toys out at once. They can start to get bored after a while so try to keep a weekly/fortnightly cycle going of different toys to stimulate them.

  • Music

Cats love classical music. It can help calm them and put them into a meditative state.

You just have to find the right music for your cat.

At the end of the day, there are endless ways to keep your cats entertained, you just have to find them. We hope this article has given you a few ideas.

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