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Heartworm is a very serious and potentially deadly disease. Heartworms can grow up to 30cm in length inside your pet’s heart. This causes a blockage in the arteries, which will make it harder to pump blood around the body.

Heartworm is contracted through mosquitoes. Some of the symptoms of Heartworm Disease in a dog include: lethargy, fainting, weight loss, breathing difficulties, and a swollen abdomen. Some of the symptoms of Heartworm Disease in a cat include: coughing, gagging, raspy breathing and vomiting. Prevention is the best cure. There is a variety of different products that are available for Heartworm prevention. This includes topical treatment, chewable treatments and injectable treatments. If you think your pet could already have Heartworm Disease, we can run a diagnostic blood test in house. Did you know that on rare occasions Heartworm Disease could affect people.

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