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Why are vaccinations important?

Vaccinations help protect your pets from a number of different kinds of viruses and diseases. Without them our pets would become sick regularly.

Puppies and kittens have a schedule of 3 vaccinations. The first vaccination is given at 6-8 weeks of age, the second at 12-14 weeks of age and then the third at 16-18 weeks of age. The reason they need 3 different vaccinations is because the mothers maternal antibodies are still present in their systems it will actually start to break the vaccinations down, this means they require the booster vaccinations every 4 weeks to keep them protected.

We recommend that they do not go to any public places until 2 weeks after the final vaccination to ensure the vaccination is in their system.

After this they require an annual vaccination to keep them protected.

Keep in mind that the vaccinations to not protect against everything, they only protect against the more serious disease/viruses.

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